FreedomWorks’ Noah Wall on GOP Fundraising Woes: “We Should Get What We Paid For.”

Washington, DC – FreedomWorks Vice President of Advocacy Noah Wall weighed in on the fundraising troubles the GOP is facing with major donors, as reported in Politico.

"We should get what we paid for, whether we supported these candidates with our votes, our grassroots activism, small donations, or big donations. Republicans have voted to elect people who promised to repeal ObamaCare and reform the tax code. We have supported people who said they would reduce federal spending and unleash our economy. They have the majorities in the House and Senate, and President Trump wants to sign these bills into law.

"There is just no excuse. Republican leadership has not gotten the job done. The House putzed around with ObamaCare repeal when there was a great bill that everyone supported 18 months before. Senate leadership did not twist the arms it needed to twist to get the senators who flipped their votes to vote as they did 18 months before.

"It’s good that this anger from major donors is being publicized — this anger perfectly mirrors the anger from the grassroots on-the-ground activists, by the way. It’s productive because it will hopefully light a fire under members of Congress to get tax reform done this year. Their careers and the Republican majority in the House are on the line. This is their last chance before the 2018 elections to redeem themselves."