FreedomWorks: ObamaCare Isn’t an Achievement; It’s a Disgrace

FreedomWorks today marked the sixth anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law. Repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with patient-centered reforms remains a top legislative priority of FreedomWorks and our community of grassroots conservative activists.

“The American health care system is worse off today than it was six years ago, when President Obama signed ObamaCare into law. The administration and those friendly to it like to say that ObamaCare is one of this president’s greatest achievements. It’s not an achievement; it’s a disgrace,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “Since ObamaCare became law, millions of Americans lost the health insurance coverage and health care providers that they had and liked, despite dozens of promises by this president and those in his party that they would be able to keep them. They were lied to.”

“Americans who aren’t offered coverage through their employer and purchase insurance plans through the ObamaCare exchanges face higher premiums, large deductibles, and narrow provider networks. Today, some health insurers are pulling out of the exchanges because of financial losses, a dozen insurance cooperatives created by this law have folded, and Americans are faced with more spending and more debt,” Brandon continued. “The law also assaults religious liberty and freedom of conscience by forcing organizations, such as Little Sisters of the Poor, to violate beliefs and teachings – this very issue was argued before the Supreme Court today. These shortcomings of ObamaCare are only the tip of the iceberg.”

“We hope that 2016 will be the last year of ObamaCare. The groundwork has already been laid in Congress to repeal this failed law. All we need is someone in the White House to sign the bill. In the meantime, Republicans in Congress must put forward a set of patient-centered reforms to put the American health care system on the right track,” he added.

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