FreedomWorks Partners With Nigel Farage for America’s Comeback Tour

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks today announces the launch of its “America’s Comeback Tour” in association with Nigel Farage. The in-person tour will cover nearly a dozen states over the next month with the goal of energizing grassroots activists to begin to restore America’s founding principles and institutions.

Nigel Farage commented:

“Right now, many in the conservative movement are feeling scared, angry, and demoralized for a number of reasons. That’s where the grassroots, organizations like FreedomWorks, come in. It’s our job to reach out to people who feel the same way we do, who believe that this country can be better than the pessimistic worldview being proffered under Joe Biden’s America.

“The American conservative movement can take back this country by offering people a hopeful image of the future. It’s up to the grassroots to inspire people to believe that we can change things for the better. We win not just elections, but hearts and minds, and great cultural battles by reaching out to and mobilizing Americans with a positive message.”

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“After only 100 days in office, it’s clear that the Biden Administration is pushing forward a far-left agenda to fundamentally transform America from a constitutional republic to a direct democracy. Any American who values the rights of the minority knows that we cannot allow this to happen. Therefore, it is critical that we maintain our republican institutions. The best way to do that is on the ground in partnership with the grassroots. This is a great opportunity to partner with another great mind who knows grassroots best– FreedomWorks is excited to begin working with Nigel Farage to energize our activists in the field.”

The tour will include the following stops:

May 4– Perrysburg, Ohio

May 11– Chicago, IL

May 13– Tulsa, OK

May 17– Pittsburgh, PA

May 18– Cincinnati, OH

May 18– Palm Beach, FL

May 21– San Antonio, TX

May 25– Phoenix, AZ

May 29– Jackson Hole, Wyoming