FreedomWorks to Pennsylvania House: Pass Pension Reform Now

FreedomWorks today called on the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to pass SB 1071, which would fundamentally reform the Commonwealth’s pension programs, the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) and Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS).

Pennsylvania’s pension programs currently face a $63 billion unfunded liability. Lawmakers have been working this year to address the severe financial instability that these programs represent. SB 1071, the vehicle for pension reform, has been stalled in the Pennsylvania House since June. Recently, however, a compromise was struck that would protect Pennsylvania’s workers and save taxpayer billions of dollars.

In June, FreedomWorks launched a campaign in support of pension reform in Pennsylvania. Since then, the FreedomWorks’ community in the Commonwealth has sent more than 52,800 messages to members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly – more than 30,200 to members of the Senate and nearly 23,000 to the House.

“This is an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to create a solvent future for their children and lead the nation on pension reform,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “A future that is currently weighted down by burdensome pension funds that will one day crowd out other vital government functions, such as education and public safety.”

If the House passes SB 1071, the Senate will likely quickly approve the new version of the bill and send it to Gov. Tom Wolf (D-Pa.), who has indicated that he will sign it into law.

“FreedomWorks is proud to support a plan that puts Pennsylvania workers first and reduces the risk to the Commonwealth’s pensions by 60 percent. This plan ensures the stability of the pension system going forward and honors Pennsylvania’s commitment to its retired workers,” Brandon added.

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