FreedomWorks on Pulling the AHCA

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released the following statement on the second delay of the American Health Care Act:

“The talk about Plan A being the only plan is wrong. This is Plan B, and it left too much of ObamaCare’s core structure in place. Plan A is the 2015 reconciliation bill repealing ObamaCare, and Speaker Paul Ryan said it was the ‘clear path’ to repeal ObamaCare under a Republican president.

“Instead of trying to twist the arms of principled conservatives, Paul Ryan should pressure moderates who were just grandstanding last time. We urge him to bring up that bill again and add Medicaid reform, HSA expansion, and pursue repeal or sunset of ObamaCare regulations that are driving up the cost of health insurance. We urge our activists to give him a call and suggest he keep his word.”

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