FreedomWorks Pushes for House Republicans to Nominate Bonafide Conservative for Speaker

Washington, DC- House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy clearly does not have the support to be the next Speaker of the House. This is exactly the point of Sarah D. Wire’s piece in The Los Angeles Times yesterday.

While McCarthy may not have the votes to be Speaker, he certainly doesn’t have the principles to do the job right. House conservatives will not back McCarthy should he officially enter the race to succeed Speaker Ryan. Instead of supporting a moderate such as McCarthy, Republicans should draft a true conservative for speaker– Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

FreedomWorks Vice President of Advocacy Noah Wall commented:

“Enough with the buzz surrounding a possible run by the ‘heir apparent’ Majority Leader McCarthy. Republicans need to choose a bonafide conservative, not the stale, mild perennial candidate McCarthy. They need to bring the heat and nominate Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker.”

“Jordan has the policy chops and principles conservatives want in a Speaker. He’s the only option for Speaker who can unify the Republicans in Congress to support President Trump’s agenda.”