FreedomWorks Reacts to California Teachers’ Union Case

Following the Supreme Court’s 4-4 ruling on the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case, Curt Levey, the Executive Director of FreedomWorks Foundation and veteran of multiple Supreme Court nomination fights, commented:

“There is little doubt that if Justice Antonin Scalia had lived, today’s decision would have been a huge 5 to 4 victory for the rights of public-sector employees nationwide who chose not to join a union. Instead, those workers will continue to be compelled to pay union fees. The consequences of the 4-4 split for millions of public employees underscores the enormous importance of filling Justice Scalia’s seat with someone who will maintain the Court’s previous ideological balance."

“If President Obama were to succeed in shifting the Supreme Court dramatically to the left, with the Senate confirmation or recess appointment of Merrick Garland or any other liberal, the Court would become a rubber stamp not just for the wishes of powerful labor unions, but also for virtually the entire progressive agenda. With the ideological balance of the Court at stake, the American people deserve a chance to weigh in this November.”

FreedomWorks has continued to be a leader in the fight to protect the ideological balance of the Supreme Court from a liberal nominee, driving hundreds of thousands of messages to Senate offices demanding that action on confirming a new justice be delayed until 2017.

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