FreedomWorks Releases Issue Brief Entitled “Red State Redemption” Highlighting Conservative State Efforts In Support of Criminal Justice Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks today announces the release of its issue brief entitled, “Red State Redemption,” which highlights the efforts of conservative “red” states in addressing criminal justice reform. Josh Withrow, FreedomWorks’ Senior Policy Analyst, commented:

"The story of criminal justice reform in these conservative states really is one of redemption. Even the most ‘lock-’em-up’ red states have come to realize that justice and public safety are not just about keeping criminals off the streets, it’s also about what happens after those offenders serve their time. After all, the best way to be tough-on-crime is to be smart-on-crime.

“Focusing on how to redirect offenders towards redemption during incarceration and ultimately towards successful reintegration into society as productive citizens will help to redeem decades of the unsuccessful policies that led to over-incarceration and corrections budget nightmares."

In late 2018, FreedomWorks was instrumental in the passage of the First Step Act, a landmark piece of conservative federal justice reform legislation that sought to address the issues of over-incarceration, mandatory minimums, and recidivism.