FreedomWorks Releases ‘Obama-Era Wasteful Spending Memo’ to Help Activists Fight Democrat Hypocrisy

Now that President Obama left the White House, congressional Democrats have shown a sudden interest in fiscal conservatism.

In a memo to activists, FreedomWorks compiled a list of waste, fraud, and corruption under the Obama administration to help grassroots conservatives fight back against the latest wave of Democrat hypocrisy surrounding federal spending.

FreedomWorks president Adam Brandon commented:

“It’s frustrating to see Democrats vote to pass a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, then cry foul over federal agency executives who pale in comparison to Obama-era spenders.

“If congressional Democrats are serious about fiscal responsibility, they should be celebrating the $1 billion in regulatory costs saved by the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda in 2017, one-third of which came from the Environmental Protection Agency.

“If they really care about maintaining ethical standards, Senate Democrats should not have held up Scott Pruitt’s general counsel and deputy administrator in the nomination process. Perhaps there would be less legal confusion surrounding the Environmental Protection Agency if Senate Democrats allowed the EPA’s top official to have a lawyer and second-in-command in a timely manner.

“I hate to question the sincerity of congressional Democrats when it comes to their sudden commitment to transparency and fiscal restraint, but I have to ask: where have you been the past eight years?”