FreedomWorks Response To Virginia Educational Freedom Legislation

Washington, D.C. – FreedomWorks applauds Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia and his administration for pursuing expanded educational freedom for the parents of Virginia through their proposed Education Saving Account legislation. Achieving educational freedom for all parents is an essential aspect of reforming and improving America’s education system. Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Director of Education Reform, said this:

“I am ecstatic to see Governor Youngkin following through with his campaign pledges to improve and reform Virginia’s education system. For too long, parents have been trapped in failing government schools with little to no recourse barring the resources to pay for private school or homeschool. Education Saving Accounts level the playing field and allow middle-class families and others to access educational opportunities. The BEST Team and I will be monitoring this legislation, prepared to assist in any way we can to give Virginia parents the same support parents in Florida, Arizona, and other states receive.”


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