FreedomWorks Spends $$$ to Take Down ObamaCare Lite

FreedomWorks announced an ad buy well into six figures. It is an aggressive digital and social media ad campaign to mobilize conservatives in key districts and nationwide to contact their legislators and tell them to oppose ObamaCare Lite.

“Our activists are furious at this betrayal and at this step toward breaking campaign promises made for the better part of the decade,” said Noah Wall, national director of campaigns. “We are going to mobilize them. We will let them know that many political candidates who won on a message of repealing ObamaCare and are backsliding.”

FreedomWorks is holding a Day of Action in Upper Senate Park on Wednesday of next week. Four U.S. senators and three representatives will address about 1,000 activists before the activists split into groups and storm the House and the Senate to lobby members to fully repeal ObamaCare.

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