FreedomWorks Statement on 2018 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the 2018 Farm Bill currently being voted on in the Senate, Daniel Savickas, FreedomWorks Federal Affairs Manager, commented:

“This Farm Bill conference report makes no meaningful steps towards fiscal responsibility, but instead lines the pockets of special interests at the expense of American taxpayers and small farmers.

“Currently, 60 percent of subsidies flow to the top 10 percent of farms by size. This continually props them up, insulates them from market forces, and prevents smaller farmers from gaining market share and access to land. It is frustrating to see lawmakers tout how much this bill helps farmers, when in reality it holds down so many small farms.

“Members of Congress should stop trying to centrally plan America’s agricultural sector, and let farmers thrive on the open market without the thumb of government tipping the scales for rich agri-businesses.

“This is merely a continuation, and expansion, of programs that were ushered in during the Great Depression era. This continued government intervention into the economy is counterproductive and wholly unnecessary. Conservatives rightly point out how such intervention stalls economic success in other sectors of the economy. It is nothing but hypocritical to believe the effects will be any different for our nation’s farmers.

“Both chambers had substantial opportunities to pass real reform measures, but these measures were either derided by leadership or shut down in backroom deals. Congress should pass a one year clean re-authorization, so members can have a full year to substantively debate and vote on these crucial measures, and pass a free market Farm Bill to benefit all Americans.”