FreedomWorks Statement on Chairmain Pai’s Confirmation

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released the following statement regarding the Senate’s confirmation of Chairman Ajit Pai:

"It was encouraging to see even some Democrats vote for a free and open Internet and the rollback of the Obama-era heavy-handed regulations that turned control of the Internet from the police at the Federal Trade Commission to the central planners at the Federal Communications Commissions.

“Chairman Pai has done the right thing to turn back regulation of the Internet to the light-touch regulations that worked for two decades, regardless of harsh attacks and even threats of physical violence against him and his family from the Left. It brought a smile to our faces as the Left’s efforts to hold demonstrations of ‘resistance’ fizzled last week as the Senate closed debate on his re-nomination. We look forward to supporting Chairman Pai’s continued efforts to ensure outdated regulations don’t stand in the way of economic growth in the technology and communications sector.”