FreedomWorks Statement on Formal White House Announcement of Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Following a White House press conference at which President Donald Trump formally announced that he will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, FreedomWorks National Director of Campaigns Noah Wall, who attended the press conference as a guest of the White House, commented:

“It was a privilege to visit the White House today and witness President Trump honor another commitment he made to voters by withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

“To be clear, this was the right move for America regardless of the ongoing climate debate. The Paris Accord disproportionately burdens American families and businesses without other meaningful international commitments. It never received the approval of the Senate. Perhaps worst of all, according to the research, it wouldn’t even accomplish its goal of significantly reducing global temperatures.

“Individually, each of these facts should have stopped the Obama administration from moving forward. We’re thankful President Trump has instead chosen to put the people and laws of our nation first.

“American innovators have developed new ways to produce energy that have significantly reduced emissions of all forms and simultaneously turned this country into a leading energy producer and exporter. Studies have repeatedly shown that the freest countries are the wealthiest and the wealthiest countries are the cleanest. Unleashing the American economy will better solve any environmental problems than an international agreement that shackles our industries, lets huge polluters like China off the hook, and doesn’t withstand scientific or legal scrutiny.

“We again thank President Trump on behalf of our millions of activists and will continue to support this administration’s efforts to unleash American ingenuity from burdensome and unconstitutional red tape.”