FreedomWorks Statement on Gov. John Kasich’s Approval of Forfeiture Reform in Ohio

Following the signing of HB 347, which reforms Ohio’s civil asset forfeiture laws to protect the rights of innocent property owners, by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“There is no better way to begin a new year. Getting this bill signed into law was a long and intensive grassroots effort that involved the work of thousands of activists across the state of Ohio. FreedomWorks engaged in every aspect of HB 347, from speaking in support of the effort at the press conference in which state Reps. McColley and Brinkman introduced the bill to committee testimony to driving nearly 60,000 messages to state senators. We also worked alongside our partners, the U.S. Justice Action Network and Buckeye Institute to bring this effort to fruition.”

“We thank Gov. Kasich for responding to the grassroots and signing HB 347 into law. The momentum for forfeiture reform continues to build across the country, and with many legislatures across the country about to begin, we are confident that we can replicate the success of Ohio in other states.”

FreedomWorks is a partner organization of the U.S. Justice Action Network and the Coalition for Public Safety.

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