FreedomWorks Statement on Florida Educational Freedom Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Florida Representative Kaylee Tuck introduced H.R. 1 of Florida’s 2023 legislative session – a bill to expand Florida’s education freedom through a major expansion of eligibility, diversification of approved uses, and authorizing home-school students to participate in the program. This bill is a major step forward, allowing more Florida parents the opportunity to select the best educational environment for their children. FreedomWorks’ Director of Education Reform,  Laura Zorc, commented:

“As a former Florida school board member and the mother of three public school children, I have been in the battle to retain high quality education for my children here in Florida since my kids were in primary school. This year, two of my children are graduating from the public school system. Even though the time has passed for my children to have access to these funds I am pleased that once this bill passes my grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of the education dollars they deserve.” 
“While it is laudable to try to reform curriculum, policies, and standards at the state level, parents like myself are tired of the bandages, and we are ready for the lasting change that H.R. 1 has to offer. Florida is again living up to its reputation as an education innovator in the United States, and it is approaching the gold-standard in the nation for parental rights in education. As a Floridian, I could not be more pleased to see Florida’s legislators removing barriers for parents to access their state education dollars and utilize them in the educational environment that works best for them and their children. Through and with the Florida grassroots, BEST and FreedomWorks stand with Representative Tuck and Speaker Renner in seeing this legislation across the finish line in both chambers and ultimately signed into law by Governor DeSantis.”


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