FreedomWorks Statement on Partnering with the Institute for CARING

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to a newly created partnership between FreedomWorks Foundation and Institute For CARING, Matt Carnovale, FreedomWorks Vice President of Development, commented:

“We’re excited to partner with the Institute for CARING to advance policy solutions that will help solve some of the most pressing issues facing Americans, particularly in the education and healthcare fields. The Institute’s passion and dedication to defend our constitutional republic is inspiring and well represents the firmly held belief at FreedomWorks that citizen activism can save the American Dream for the next generation.

“As more of our fellow citizens become disheartened by the state of our political affairs, the Institute for CARING will be an effective advocate for positive, practical solutions that Americans of all political backgrounds can support. Their vision for our future provides a much-needed alternative to the political divisions that stifles policy innovation. FreedomWorks will continue in our fight for a free and prosperous American future, and we look forward to working with The Institute for CARING to achieve that end.”