FreedomWorks Statement on Paul Ryan’s Bid for Speaker

Following Chairman Paul Ryan’s announcement of his bid for Speaker of the House on Tuesday evening, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“There’s no doubt that Paul Ryan is a highly intelligent, well respected legislator, and an interesting candidate for Speaker. But we’ve yet to hear if he’s interested in making completely reasonable process changes requested by the House Freedom Caucus and other conservative members.”

“These conservatives were elected because they ran on principles that reflected the limited government values of their districts. Unfortunately, time and time again, they’re criticized by Republican leaders for simply voting in a manner consistent with their constituents back home.”

“The House Freedom Caucus wants a Speaker who will force the president to the negotiating table, as well as address and honor their other important concerns about the process, including a return to regular order and an end to governing by crisis. We look forward to hearing what Ryan has to say about these concerns in the coming days.”

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