FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Biden Administration’s Appeal to Reinstate Federal Travel Mask Mandate

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Biden Administration’s decision today to appeal Judge Mizelle’s ruling from the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida that struck down the federal travel mask mandate, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“That the Biden Administration is cloaking this appeal under the guise of protecting the CDC’s authority is laughable. If we have learned anything from the past two years, it’s that the CDC’s authority has been undermined at every turn, by its own hand. Moreover, the fact that the administration is not seeking a stay of Judge Mizelle’s ruling before argument shows that it recognizes the mandate’s unpopularity, and the weakness of its legal arguments. That Biden won’t even ask Congress to act on this is telling.”

“Remember when the CDC caved to teachers’ union demands to keep schools closed? Remember when the CDC loosened restrictions as soon as it became apparent Democrats’ poll numbers had tanked? These past two years have shown that the CDC has joined the host of politicized federal agencies.”