FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Senate’s successful vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Judge and now soon-to-be Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation tonight is a victory for constitutionalists across America who are committed to maintaining the integrity of our republic’s core institutions. Judge Barrett is eminently qualified to sit on the highest court in the land based on her experience. Her past rulings that demonstrate an originalist interpretation of the Constitution make her all the more so qualified.

“Judge Barrett’s confirmation is also a win for election integrity as we approach November. FreedomWorks is confident that she will apply the law as written should the Supreme Court have to rule on any cases regarding changes to election laws that unfairly jeopardize the results of the November elections. Judge Barrett’s sound and consistent judicial philosophy is why FreedomWorks’ grassroots community has been energized to turn out and show support for her confirmation.”

This past month, nearly 100 FreedomWorks activists turned out in person to urge the Senate to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. At the same time, our grassroots community also drove more than half a million peer-to-peer texts, phone calls, and emails to the Senate in favor of her swift confirmation.

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