FreedomWorks Statement in Response to House Passage of Pelosi’s Socialist Spending Spree, H.R. 6800

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the House passage of Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion hyper-partisan “HEROES Act” socialist spending spree, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks’ President, commented:

“This is a $3 trillion, 1,800-page messaging bill packed with far-left policies and bailouts for state and local governments that have been mismanaged for years. This bill has no chance of becoming law and has little or nothing to do with actually combatting COVID-19. It’s a political stunt. Speaker Pelosi knows that.

”Congress has already spent heavily in response to COVID-19. As a result, we’ll see deficit and debt levels that America hasn’t seen since World War II. We need to get Americans back to work, and the only way that can be done is for governors to continue to reopen their states as quickly and safely as possible.”