FreedomWorks Statement in Response to November Jobs Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the November jobs report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which boasts some 340,000 private sector jobs added and an unemployment rate that has fallen to 6.7 percent, Stephen Moore, Chairman of the FreedomWorks Task Force on Economic Revival, commented:

“Today’s job report shows that the economic recovery is still surging. The current unemployment rate of 6.7 percent is down from last month’s and substantially improved from the 14.7 percent of April, the worst unemployment rate of the pandemic. This report has shattered expectations of what experts had predicted to occur within the job market by year’s end.

“It is also further evidence that the economy does not need another $1 trillion Washington debt bill that will only reward economic lockdowns and pay millions of Americans not to work.

“The direct connection between reopening and economic resurgence cannot be denied. Unfortunately, we’ve seen leftist politicians implement more liberty crushing and ineffective lockdown measures in the past couple of weeks at the expense of millions of Americans’ livelihoods. This job report should serve as a powerful reminder of the progress that ensues when politicians get out of the way and leave workers and the private sector alone to innovate and get back to work safely.”