FreedomWorks Statement in Response to President Biden’s “Equity” Executive Orders

WASHINGTON, D.C.– In response to President Biden’s executive orders signed today meant to address racial inequity, Rev. C.L. Bryant, FreedomWorks Senior Fellow, commented:

“An ongoing goal for this great nation should undoubtedly be to lift people out of poverty and create more opportunity for all–but this is not something that can be achieved through federal mandates and programs. If the past sixty years of the war on poverty have shown us anything, it is that federal actions intended to level the playing field practically always have unintended consequences.

“Biden will continue trying to paint himself as an ally of minority communities, but let us not forget the president’s grim track record of addressing racial inequity. He has had over forty years to advance the cause of minority communities through smart economic legislation, but has instead chosen to support legislation like the 1994 Crime Bill that encouraged mass incarceration and made life worse for the people he now pretends to be so desperate to help. It is insulting that Biden thinks he can fix these very real issues in our country with a stroke of a pen.”