FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Reconciliation Package’s Inclusion of Municipal Broadband Tax Credits

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Committee on Ways and Means’ inclusion of tax credits for municipal broadband in the reconciliation package, Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks, commented:

“House Democrats’ decision to include a new 30 percent tax credit for government-owned networks (GONs) in the reconciliation package is just the latest example of big government picking market winners and losers. GONs practically always come in over budget and rarely provide the service quality they promise to consumers.

“Government-owned corporations rarely produce the results they promise. More often than not, publicly owned entities competing with private business are unnecessarily costly, providing negligible benefits while crowding out private enterprise. This is particularly true of highly competitive and innovative industries like broadband.

“President Biden should take a page from the Trump administration’s playbook and incentivize private markets to bridge the digital divide rather than foolishly continuing to throw more of the taxpayers’ money at the problem.”

FreedomWorks Federal Affairs Manager Luke Hogg authored a brief on the inclusion of municipal broadband tax credits in Democrats’ budget reconciliation package. The brief can be found here.