FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Sen. Sinema’s Opposition to Abolition of the Filibuster

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s (D-Ariz.) stated opposition to abolishing the filibuster, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Sen. Sinema is right to stand with tradition and preserve the filibuster. In fact, she is correct in her reasoning as well. The filibuster protects the rights of the minority — whomever that may be.

“The U.S. Senate is supposed to be an institution of deliberation, and the filibuster allows for even a single member to shed greater light on the legislation at hand. Clearly, Sen. Sinema is unlike many of her Democratic colleagues, who these days seem happy to engage in a reckless power grab for supreme control of our nation’s democratic institutions.

“It is thanks to the tireless work of grassroots activists that Sen. Sinema has come out on the side of common sense in this moment regarding ending the legislative filibuster. FreedomWorks’ grassroots community will continue to engage until the filibuster is upheld and the ‘For the People Act’ is defeated.”

In recent weeks, FreedomWorks’ grassroots activists have driven more than 525,000 messages to senators, including more than 47,000 directly to Sen. Sinema, in opposition to the “For the People Act.” In Arizona, key voters have knocked more than 2,500 doors, and FreedomWorks’ Arizona activist community has hosted more than a dozen events urging opposition to the bill.