FreedomWorks Statement in Response to the Trump Administration Executive Order Reforming Regulatory Process

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Trump administration releasing executive orders to end the Obama-era practice of shadow regulations, Dan Savickas, FreedomWorks Regulatory Policy Manager, commented:

“We applaud the Trump administration’s reforms in this area, and this is another continuation of the president’s promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ American families and businesses hardly have the resources to comply with the complex web of regulations already on the books, let alone guidance documents that haven’t even been approved as official policy yet.

“Deep state bureaucrats who utilized these documents to bring enforcement actions were essentially criminalizing anyone who cannot afford a sophisticated network of lawyers. It was the epitome of government overreach and bullying of American citizens. We applaud the administration’s efforts to end this practice and look forward to the next steps in slashing the regulatory red tape that binds our nation.”