FreedomWorks Statement on the Results of the Presidential Election

Following reports that Donald Trump has won the presidential race, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“This is a critical moment for our country. We have the opportunity before us to begin to roll back eight years of policies that have slowed economic growth and consolidated more power into the executive branch.”

“While FreedomWorks was not involved in the presidential race, we would like to recognize the efforts of the hundreds of thousands of FreedomWorks activists across the country who worked tirelessly to defeat Hillary Clinton. Tonight’s results are a testament to the strength of today’s conservative grassroots movement and it validates their efforts to stop President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.”

“After eight years of disastrous policies, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can finally repeal ObamaCare and replace it with patient-centered alternatives. We can reduce regulations that are strangling the American spirit of entrepreneurship, make major rules and regulations subject to congressional approval, and restore the constitutional separation of powers. The House Freedom Caucus has led on these issues, and there is no doubt that their principles will flourish in the next Congress as they continue to fight for pro-growth policies and the Constitution.”

“Even with tonight’s results, we cannot become complacent. Conservative grassroots activists must remain vigilant. We must continue to fight policies that grow the federal government and infringe on the freedoms that make America so unique. We must keep an eye on the states, the laboratories of policy innovation, to affect conservative policy change on issues ranging from saving public pension plans that protect taxpayers to reforming the criminal justice system to preserving free speech. There are real opportunities to advance good, conservative policy in the states and show Congress that freedom truly does work.”

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