FreedomWorks’ Statement on UnitedHealth Group Pulling Back ObamaCare Marketing Efforts

Following the news the UnitedHealth Group, the largest insurance company in the United States, is scaling back its ObamaCare marketing and considering withdrawing from the exchanges, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

"When ObamaCare was first proposed, we warned the American people that it would be a disaster. Barack Obama and Democrats said that we were liars and malcontents. But UnitedHealth’s decision confirms that we were right. ObamaCare’s massive failures keep adding up. Twelve ObamaCare co-ops have failed and insurance companies are pulling out of the exchanges because the American people are starting to realize the costs of ObamaCare. People can’t afford Obama’s twisted version of ‘affordable’ care.”

“We call upon Senate Republicans to use reconciliation to send a full repeal of ObamaCare to the president’s desk. Now is not the time for timid tinkering. It’s time to make Obama look the American people in the eyes and defend this complete failure.”

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