FreedomWorks Supports Rep. Chip Roy’s Request for Recorded Votes on Amendments to H.R. 2740

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to Rep. Chip Roy’s (R-Texas) request for recorded votes on H.R. 2740, the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, Legislative Branch, Defense, State, Foreign Operations, and Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, Jason Pye, FreedomWorks Vice President of Legislative Affairs, commented:

“Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution makes clear that a quorum, consisting of the majority of the chamber, is necessary to conduct business in the House of Representatives. We applaud Rep. Roy for highlighting a real process problem in the House. The House routinely passes legislation and amendments to pending bills when few members are present in the chamber. This may be an inconvenience to some members, who would rather be at a cocktail party or raising money from K Street, but the American people deserve to know where their elected officials stand on all amendments and bills that come to the House floor.”