FreedomWorks Unveils “Come and Take It” Campaign to Defeat Battleground Texas

Washington, DC- FreedomWorks has unveiled its “Come and Take It” campaign, a grassroots effort to counter the efforts of Battleground Texas and to grow the pro-freedom community across the state. With over 166,000 members in the Lone Star State, FreedomWorks’ strategy blueprint aims to galvanize and expand its principled base through efforts including grassroots trainings, phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, issue education materials, extensive social media outreach, local field offices, live-streamed events, townhall meetings and other coalition-building activities. 

Battleground Texas is a $10 million campaign offensive orchestrated by top Obama campaign officials to turn the state of Texas blue on the electoral map. With Texas as a Democrat-run state, it would be impossible for Republicans to reach 270 electoral votes in a presidential election.

“While Battleground Texas busses in Democratic organizers from out-of-state to annex the state’s political map, FreedomWorks will be working with native Texans who have a real stake in the game,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “We are a service center for activists looking to organize and empower neighbors, families and friends who believe in individual freedom and economic opportunity, regardless of their political affiliation.”   

FreedomWorks has focused for years on rebuilding the Republican brand by holding legislators accountable for their votes, and believes that successful grassroots movements rely on leaderless, organic decentralization and commitment to principle. While some limited-government activists will organically reenergize to combat the Obama campaign takeover attempts, FreedomWorks intends to continue growing the community by engaging individuals from new and diverse constituencies.

Kibbe continued, “There is a highly motivated network of volunteer grassroots leaders already in place throughout the state of Texas, who support principled constitutional conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz, and believe that less government means more power for people to make economic choices on their own terms. Our ideas are simple: we want every individual to achieve their full potential, not through government-mandated ‘equal outcomes,’ but through true equal opportunity and treatment under the law. Battleground Texas can try to change the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs and hard-working families across Texas, but our activists have made themselves very clear- they’re going to have to ‘come and take it.’”

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