FreedomWorks Urges Senator Sinema to Oppose So-called Inflation Reduction Act in Arizona Radio Campaign

Phoenix, Ariz. — FreedomWorks has launched a major radio ad campaign in Arizona urging Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to oppose Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” The ad can be found here

Merissa Hamilton, FreedomWorks Grassroots Director and Arizona native resident, commented:

“This Big Bad Bill is bad for America but even more terrible for Arizona. While the nation overall is being hit with 9.1 percent inflation, it’s upwards of ten percent here in Arizona. Does Sen. Sinema really want to be on the side of history that made life even harder for Arizonans by voting for more spending and higher taxes in Democrats’ misnamed ‘Inflation Reduction Act’?”

“We’re concerned Arizonans. For as long as it takes, FreedomWorks’ Arizona activist community remains committed to driving calls to Sen. Sinema’s office in opposition to this Big Bad Bill to remind her Arizonans are still suffering under the Democrats’ Bidenflation. Our small businesses have not yet recovered. Sen. Sinema has done the right thing and stood up to her party before to protect struggling Arizonans; while our people are hurting, she must do it again.”


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