FreedomWorks, U.S. Justice Action Network Urge Ohio Senate to Take Action on Forfeiture Reform

FreedomWorks and the U.S. Justice Action Network today urged the Ohio Senate to take action on civil asset forfeiture reform legislation, HB 347. This bill would restore due process rights in forfeiture cases and protect the private property of innocent owners. Since June 13, FreedomWorks has driven more than 10,600 emails to Ohio Senate Democratic and Republican leadership urging them to quickly move HB 347 through the upper chamber.

“It’s clear that there is wide support for forfeiture reform in the Buckeye State. Not only is our community in Ohio flooding the inboxes of state senators, 90 percent of voters in the state support the principles of this bill,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon, an Ohio native. “The rights to private property and due process are fundamental freedoms that must be protected. We urge state senators to continue the momentum for civil asset forfeiture reform and pass HB 347.”

"Ohio voters have again voiced their dissatisfaction with the civil asset forfeiture process – this time with an incredible 10,600 messages to lawmakers in an effort spearheaded by FreedomWorks,” said U.S. Justice Action Network’s Executive Director Holly Harris. “We urge the Senate to take up and strengthen HB 347, a bill that passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support that protects innocent property owners from government overreach."

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