FreedomWorks Warns Key Vote “NO” Against the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

Washington, DC- While details of the final Ryan-Murray budget deal have yet to be released, FreedomWorks is planning to Key Vote “NO” against the deal in its current reported form. According to news outlets, the deal would abandon the sequester reductions and increase annually appropriated spending by about $65 billion, without any entitlement reform.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “It’s disingenuous for Republicans to surrender the only real spending reforms accomplished under the Obama Administration, and call that a deal. Immediate spending and revenue hikes without long-term reforms to spending and entitlement programs isn’t a deal, it’s just another manufactured, govern-by-crisis shakedown.”

FreedomWorks has issued an Action Alert to its membership urging Hill members to resist busting the budget caps without meaningful entitlement reforms, which has generated more than 6935 messages so far.

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