FreedomWorks Welcomes Carol Davis as Director of FreedomWorks’ Election Protection Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks is proud to welcome FreedomWorks Ambassador Carol Davis as Director of our Election Protection Initiative. In election integrity efforts going forward, Carol will serve as our lead advisor in educating and equipping activists with the skills needed to become election officers and advocates for commonsense voting legislation. Additionally, she will provide crucial strategy, organizing, and policy insight to the FreedomWorks team and our grassroots community in our campaign to restore voters’ confidence in the electoral process.

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Carol Davis is an exceptional FreedomWorks activist who comes to us with years of experience leading the Illinois Conservative Union, grassroots organizing, and advocating for smaller government in her home state of Illinois. We’ve partnered with her and her network of passionate liberty lovers many times in the past and have always been impressed by the way in which she is able to inspire her compatriots to action and deliver results.

“Election integrity is an issue that is close to Carol, one that she has prioritized in recent years through her work with the Illinois Conservative Union. Her grassroots organizing prowess is unmatched and will be key in gaining momentum for voting integrity laws now not just in Illinois, but in states across the country.

“As it has always been a pleasure to partner with Carol on grassroots issues in the past, I can’t imagine that this time around would be any different. I look forward to working even closer with Carol as our Election Protection Initiative continues to pick up steam and move full speed ahead. The opportunity to bring a top activist on board to spearhead this initiative is really what FreedomWorks is all about. Every day I am reminded by leaders like Carol that grassroots activists are the backbone of the liberty movement–FreedomWorks would not be able to do our job without them.”