FreedomWorks Welcomes Reps. Justin Amash, Mark Meadows and Matt Salmon to the New Fair Deal Writing Team

Washington, DC- FreedomWorks welcomed the addition of Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI), Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) to the New Fair Deal writing team, a group of House Republicans who are taking a proactive approach to getting the debt under control and ending big government’s collusion with big business.

The New Fair Deal is a legislative package that addresses four main concerns of grassroots activists across the country, including: ending corporate handouts, crafting a flatter tax code, passing real spending reform, and empowering individuals with the choice to opt out of government-run entitlement programs.

Specifics of the New Fair Deal legislation will be released with grassroots activists from across the nation at the New Fair Deal Action Day on April 15th at the Upper Senate Park on the Capitol in Washington, DC. The event will be followed by hundreds of activists descending on Capitol Hill to urge their Representatives to support the legislative agenda.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “The New Fair Deal is an effort to work with Congress to write reform legislation, and to build an engaged constituency of citizens outside the beltway that support their efforts. Congressmen Amash, Meadows and Salmon are three legislators with the entrepreneurship required to go beyond simply saying ‘no’ to bad legislation, to be proactive and bring innovative solutions to the table as well.”   

The Congressmen will join eight fiscally conservative Congressmen who have already committed to writing the legislation, including: Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) and Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI).

FreedomWorks is a service center to a community of over 4 million grassroots activists nationwide who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government. For more information on The New Fair Deal, please visit or contact Jackie Bodnar at