FWFA’s Kibbe: What I’m Looking for on Election Night

In a video addressed to FreedomWorks for America’s membership, the organization’s president Matt Kibbe shared his three major predictions and some general thoughts in the final week leading up to the mid-term elections.
His comments in the video are copied below:

“Hi this is Matt Kibbe, the President of FreedomWorks. I want to talk for just a minute on what I’m looking at coming up in this election cycle. I have three bold predictions: First of all, the Republicans will take the Senate, but it’s going to be much closer than it should be. Look for at least one seat currently held by Republicans to go to the Democrats. And look for all of these other races- there is upwards of nine Senate seats currently held by Democrats in red states, Democrats who voted for ObamaCare, that are up for grabs, they could be won by Republicans.”

“Republicans need six to take the Senate, but I’m not sure how far they are going to get. I think they do get to six, but watch states like Louisiana which come in later and we might not know on election night whether or not Republicans have taken the Senate.”

“Number two, the Republicans are going to gain seats in the House, and that’s important because we are going to see a more fiscally conservative House the day after the election and we need to do that because my third prediction –which is probably the most encouraging- is that the liberty caucus, the real fiscal conservatives, the people that are fighting for individual liberty and fiscal responsibility, the Mike Lee’s, and the Justin Amash’s, and the Ted Cruz’s, and the Rand Paul’s- that caucus in both the House and Senate will grow on election day.”

Watch the full video here: http://ow.ly/DpX3G .

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