GA Sen: David Perdue Defends Common Core Education Takeover

Washington, DC- In an interview with the Marietta Daily Journal, moderate Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue voiced his support for the Common Core education standards that have school curricula failing students and frustrating parents and teachers alike.

Perdue said he agrees with “the original intent” of Common Core, commenting that he “can’t argue with that thesis, that objective.” In an attempt to straddle the fence on a divisive issue, Perdue then contradicted himself and claimed that he has issues with the federal government implementing Common Core.

An interesting take, considering the “original intent” of the standards was always to put education in the hands of Washington bureaucrats. Perdue further clouds the issue by claiming to support standards while opposing curricula and testing. Perdue either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that standards inevitably drive the curriculum and influence testing.

“David Perdue is trying to have his cake and eat it too,” commented FreedomWorks for America Grassroots Director Whitney Neal. “He is misrepresenting his position on Common Core. Perdue clearly supports national education standards and the big money behind them. This Tuesday, we hope Georgia voters will elect a real conservative, not someone who wants special interests to control education for their own gain at the expense of Georgia’s children.”

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