Gore Dodges Responsibility with Phony Energy Strategy

Citizens for a Sound Economy today criticized Vice President Al Gore’s newly-announced “national energy strategy” for the 21st century.

“This so-called ‘strategy’ is nothing more than a political stunt designed to dodge responsibility for soaring oil prices,” said Patrick Burns, Director of Environmental Policy at CSE. “Rather than rely on markets to make investment decisions, the Vice President has crafted a hodgepodge of government handouts.”

Gore’s plan would give away billions of dollars in tax credits, loans, grants and bonds. These would be used to induce individuals and corporations to produce and buy hybrid cars, convert homes to solar energy, build and use mass transit, and switch to “energy-efficient” appliances.

Gore’s plan comes in the wake of skyrocketing gasoline prices, which have become a serious liability for his presidential bid. Prices have surged to more than $2.00 per gallon in states that will play a pivotal role in the November election.

“There’s really nothing new in this plan,” Burns said. “It’s simply a case of Gore dusting off some old ideas to divert attention from the administration’s failed energy policy. Most of these schemes were proved to be losers during the Jimmy Carter era.”