Government Waste: Beaverton’s Open Technology Business Center Gives $1.2 Million in Local Tax Dollars to Private Businesses

BEAVERTON, OR. Oregon FreedomWorks/Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) today announced opposition to using local tax dollars to fund the new Beaverton Open Technology Business Center (OTBC). The OTBC is scheduled to open in mid-February with a budget of $1.2 million.

Oregon FreedomWorks Director Russ Walker commented:

“The Open Technology Business Center (OTBC) is a misguided use of taxpayer dollars that will provide government subsidies to private businesses. That’s the wrong approach to economic development, an insult to Oregon’s software industry, and a disservice to Beaverton taxpayers.

“The OTBC puts government officials in the position of picking winners and losers. That’s wrong– technology should succeed or fail in the marketplace. The next thing you know, Beaverton will be awarding contracts based on mandates for the companies lucky enough to get its sponsorship. Indeed, this kind of government involvement runs counter to the very philosophy of the open source movement, which bases projects on voluntary collaboration in the public domain.

“For Beaverton’s taxpayers, this $1.2 million is simply money out the door. It is money that would be better spent on reducing property taxes to make the area more attractive to business. Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation because our taxes are too high and our state and local governments over-regulate and meddle with private markets. The Open Technology Business Center is just another example of our government trying to do too much.

“FreedomWorks fights for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom for all. Our bottom line: governments should stay out of the business of software development.”

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