Grassroots Activists and Oregon CSE Director to testify on Bush Tax Cut Resolution

Today, grassroots activists and Russ Walker, Director of Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), will testify before the House Rules, Redistricting and Public Affairs Committee. They will speak in support of H.J.M. 28. The legislation calls on Oregon’s Congressional delegation to vote in favor of the Bush tax cut package. Representatives Patridge and Starr filed the bill on behalf of Oregon CSE and taxpayers.

Throughout the past two months Oregon CSE’s grassroots activists have participated in over 20 town hall meetings and public forums to discuss the importance of the President’s plan. Over 2,000 grassroots activists have been educated on the need for a tax cut, and what they can do to support its passage.

“For a generation, the American people have waited for a major tax cut. Since President Reagan signed his tax cut into law in 1981, there have been five major tax increases. In my opinion that is five too many,” stated Oregon CSE Director Russ Walker. “Every day our economy weakens, which is another reason to support immediate tax cuts for all taxpayers.”

President Bush’s tax cut helps Oregon families in three ways. First, it cuts tax rates for everyone. The current five-rate structure would be replaced with four lower rates. The result would be that everyone who pays taxes would have more money for themselves and their families. Secondly, the President’s plan would completely eliminate the death tax, which punishes the American values of saving and investing by penalizing individuals for passing their property along to their family. Lastly, in reducing the marriage penalty, the government is embracing rather than punishing the institution of marriage. This allows a second earner to help provide for the family without punitive consequences from the IRS.

Oregon CSE has taken a steadfast position that tax cuts, especially reductions in marginal rates, are the best way to create economic growth and prosperity. President Bush’s tax cut proposal is a good first step toward reforming the tax code and providing the American people the tax relief they deserve.