Grassroots Activists Get Big Win in Pennsylvania

Grassroots activists celebrated a big win in Pennsylvania today. Governor Tom Wolf signed our country’s largest pension reform into law today. FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released the following statement:

"Government employees’ pensions have a tendency to get out of hand, which is bad for taxpayers and bad for pensioners when the funds dry up. The battle in Pennsylvania lasted two years. Grassroots activists were in it for the long haul, making 85,000 contacts with legislators since last fall, 2,000 of which were in the last week, and making over 600 calls to the governor in the past two days. They did this to voice their desire for a law like this. The historic bill will improve Pennsylvania’s economic footing, protect government employees, and save taxpayers’ hard-earned money."

FreedomWorks is proud to partner with other organizations to increase awareness and drive action from our grassroots activists to ensure final passage of this historic bill.