Grassroots Activists Launch Efforts for Sound Energy Policy

On May 15, 2001, Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) held its third annual Alabama “CSE Day at the Capitol.” This was the first of many events throughout the country urging elected officials to support a sound energy policy and the Bush tax cut, among many other things.

Paul Beckner, president of CSE, issued the following statement today regarding the grassroots rally in Alabama:

“Yesterday, we officially announced the beginning of our massive grassroots effort to develop a sound energy policy that is both environmentally sensitive and economically sound. Yesterday, nearly 150 activists in Alabama kicked off our efforts with a great rally at the Alabama state Capitol.

“More than 100 of our Alabama activists signed a letter urging the White House to implement a sound national energy policy and dozens more were wearing red t-shirts that said ‘Reliable Energy Now.’

“As the United States faces a heightening energy crisis, it becomes more and more clear that an aggressive energy plan is needed. We fully expect President Bush to propose such a plan and look forward to working with the Administration to secure full implementation of their plan.

“Americans are beginning to realize that the extremist environmental policies of the Clinton administration are now affecting their ability to have reliable and affordable energy. By whipping up grassroots support nationwide, it is our belief that the extremist environmental policies of the Clinton administration will be completely repudiated.”

Twinkle Andress, director of the Alabama chapter of CSE, also issued a statement:

“Our activists in Alabama turned out in droves to drive home the point that reliable and affordable energy is important to not only average people in Alabama, but all Americans.

The folks who turned out today were not paid political operatives. Rather, they were our neighbors, our co-workers, and our business associates. They were truly representative of the people of Alabama and the people of our nation. These are the folks who only know that the cost of energy is rising because they pay more at the gas pump and pay more to heat and cool their homes. Those in Alabama spoke loudly today and it’s high time the elected officials listen.”

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