Grassroots Power Focus of Washington Post Article

Washington Post Acknowledges CSE’s Growing Grassroots Power

For several years, the mainstream media has ignored one of the most important trends in American politics: the growing importance and influence of groups that focus on motivating and mobilizing real citizens to fight for causes outside of Washington, D.C.

Because of the hard fought victories by CSE members, even the Washington Post was forced to acknowledge the effectiveness of our ‘outside-the-beltway’ strategy. This is a significant win for CSE.

Our entrepreneurial approach to policy change has helped define CSE as a cutting-edge grassroots organization for economic conservatives nationwide. By identifying, recruiting and mobilizing real people to fight for lower taxes and limited government, we make a difference. Our victories in the last year alone include:

Tort reform in Florida, Alabama and Texas

Oversight of the Florida Everglades Restudy project

School choice in Florida and Oregon

Telecommunications deregulation in Oregon

Bond referendums in North Carolina

Because CSE activists are making a difference, the Washington Post has chosen to attack the institution. While CSE has a 15-year history of consistent commitment to free market principles, the Post implies that raising money from individuals, foundations and corporations who share our beliefs somehow taints our message.

Specifically, CSE has been criticized for not disclosing the names of our donors, though we rigorously comply with all laws. Every one – including the media and our opponents – knows exactly where CSE stands on the critical issues and why we take those positions. Our willingness to take a stand on the toughest policy issues provides the public with complete insight.

Despite its somewhat negative tone, the Washington Post was forced to acknowledge CSE’s grassroots efforts, calling CSE an “active force” in state politics.

In short, our ideas and beliefs are the issue. On this principle, we stand with the author’s of the Federalist Papers, who wrote in the introduction:

I frankly acknowledge to you my convictions, and I will freely lay before you the reasons on which they are founded. The consciousness of good intentions disdains ambiguity. I shall not, however, multiply professions on this head. My motives must remain in the depository of my own breast. My arguments will be open to all, and may be judged of by all. They shall at least be offered in a spirit, which will not disgrace the cause of truth.

CSE is growing and our activist base is expanding and increasingly effective. When the Washington Post is critical, you know CSE is doing something right!