Hallman to Keynote South Florida Meeting

The Republican Liberty Caucus of South Florida presents

An update on Social Security Reform and Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs)

with John Hallman, South Florida Director of Citizens for a Sound Economy

Come hear John Hallman give an update on the progress Social Security reform is making in Washington, D.C. Once considered the ‘third rail’ of American politics of interest only to libertarian economists and activists, Social Security reform is fast becoming a political winner for Republicans. John will also let us know where the Florida delegation — and candidates — stand on this important issue and what the various plans are that are now being considered.

7:30 p.m., Monday July 26
at Gordon Biersch, 1201 Brickell Avenue #250
Miami, Florida

For more information, contact Dave Bell, Public Relations Director, davebellsfrlc@bellsouth.net