This Halloween, There’s Nothing Scarier For American Workers Than A Biden Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With Election Day right around the corner, and Halloween even closer, FreedomWorks’ Stephen Moore lays out the top 8 Terrifying Things You Need to Know About Biden’s Economic Agenda. The quarter three GDP report released yesterday, which shows the U.S. GDP shattering expectations and increasing by 33.1 percent, makes Biden’s regressive and regulation-heavy economic proposals all the more cause for fear this Halloween.

Stephen Moore, Chairman of the FreedomWorks Task Force on Economic Revival, commented:

“Not only do Democrats want to cancel Halloween, they want to ruin the American economy. Americans have reason to be concerned with Joe Biden’s economic schemes, which include the biggest tax increase in history, a return to dependency on foreign oil, and a job killing $15 minimum wage to name a few. Some economists predict that we could be looking at a second Great Depression with the Biden policies. The thought of a Biden Presidency is scarier for the American economy than anything this Halloween, especially when paired against a quarter three GDP report that signals a resurgent U.S. economy."