Help Launch Illinois into the Future

ILLINOIS. The Land of Lincoln is moving closer to real telecommunications reform, but we still need your help.

The Illinois state Senate has already taken the lead and passed telecom legislation with a strong bipartisan vote. Indeed, reform bill SB 1700 would inject competition into your state’s telecommunications sector. The measure is now making its way to the House of Representatives, where liberal lawmakers are expected to fight against reform tooth and nail. That’s why it’s critical that you web site to contact your state Representative and tell them to support SB 1700.

No doubt, Illinois’s telecommunications laws are in dire need of reform. Old regulations reflect the past, where separate utility companies provided us with phone, power, and cable services. New technology allows these businesses to integrate these products: cable providers are offering phone services, phone providers are offering cable services, and even electricity providers are about to offer broadband.

Unfortunately, current regulation forces phone companies to ask regulators for permission to reduce prices for customers. These businesses are forced to spend millions on the economists and consultants needed to lobby state regulators—money that could go towards providing Illinoisans with more services at a lower price.

The good news is that SB 1700 would modernize phone regulations. This legislation takes pricing decisions out of the hands of bureaucrats in Springfield, allowing them to be made in the market. By removing these burdensome regulations, this key bill will let companies invest in the infrastructure needed to provide you with integrated telecommunications services.

SB 1700 will reduce prices, improve telecom services, and help expand the broadband revolution in Illinois. But pro-regulation liberals in the state House will derail these important reforms if you don’t act. Use our web site to contact your state Representative and urge them to support SB 1700 and all other bills that would reform Illinois’s telecommunications laws.

New technology can launch the Land of Lincoln into the future and provide consumers with ground-breaking telecommunications services at low prices. This can only happen if we update our regulations, so make sure to tell your representative to enact telecom reform NOW!