Help Stop New Tax Hikes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Governor Doyle is planning to push through another set of new tax hikes and fees.  These come on top of the tax hikes passed in February.  These are supposed to be aimed at closing Wisconsin’s massive budget gap.  But Wisconsin’s high property taxes, gasoline tax, and others make the state’s tax burden among the highest in the nation!  If high taxes are supposed to be able to keep government flush with cash then where’d this deficit come from and why should you pay for it?

It’s clear that Wisconsin has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.    Please Take Action and urge your elected officials to stay out of your wallet and cut spending.

These new taxes and fees cover just about everything that wasn’t already on the tax hike list in February.  Here are a couple of the taxes on the table:

  • A sales tax hike that will now be expanded to cover more of the things that you and your family need.
  • An income tax hike and higher taxes on savings and investments – the very responsible fiscal behavior our troubled economy needs more of!
  • And, just for good measure – a cigarette tax hike that takes the state taxes up to a whopping $2.52 per pack!

When will Wisconsin’s leaders learn that higher taxes don’t pay the bills?  The numbers don’t add up.  If high taxes were the key to prosperity and growth then this state should be rolling in our cash. 

The truth is higher taxes hurt businesses and families. The government shouldn’t be punishing success and responsible fiscal behavior like saving and investing for the future. Things like cigarettes can be purchased across state lines, on the black market, on the internet, or at Indian reservations for much lower prices to avoid high state taxes.  And when it comes to other necessities, struggling people will simply choose to go without. 

That still leaves a big hole in Wisconsin’s budget that will never be full unless our leaders start to make the tough, but essential, decisions to cut waste and spending, and roll back the regulations that burden our businesses. 

Take Action and tell Governor Doyle and your legislators that less government and less spending is a far better path to prosperity than more tax and spend policies.