Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on the Failed Policies of the Obama Administration

Following Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s economic speech, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“It’s clear that Hillary Clinton plans to double down on the failed economic policies of the Obama administration. Higher taxes, over-regulation, more spending, and a larger national debt do not create economic opportunity and prosperity for Americans. If the past seven and a half years of Obamanomics have taught us anything, it’s that hyper-intervention in the economy driven by government policies slows economic growth and leaves us all worse off. The fact that we haven’t seen annual economic growth above 3 percent during this administration should be an indictment against the Obama-Clinton agenda.”

“The notion that government is what makes America a great and prosperous nation, as Obama and Clinton believe, is failing us. What makes us great is entrepreneurship and innovation. We must promote these ideals by getting the government out of the way through pro-growth policies – lower taxes, less regulation, and reduced government spending. That’s how we’ll improve the economy and benefit all Americans.”

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