Hillary Clinton Is Protecting a Failed Public School System

Following former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s disparaging comments about charter schools, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Hillary Clinton is so desperate to appease the radical wing of the Democratic Party that she’s now going out of her way to trash charter schools, which she, at one point, supposedly supported. Charter schools are challenging the status quo of the failing public school system. One only needs to look at the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia, where charter schools are flourishing.”

“Charter schools are an answer to bringing quality education to kids stuck in a failing education system; the very system that Hillary Clinton is protecting. The future of our economy and children depends on the success of charter schools. We can’t be stuck in the past when it comes to education. Old party allegiances to unions and bureaucrats only stifle creativity and innovation. We have to be forward thinking and recognize that charter schools should be protected and encouraged.”

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