Hillary Clinton’s Tax and Spend Proposals Will Hurt Economic Growth

Following the release of an analysis of the budgetary impact of Hillary Clinton’s tax and spending policies, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Nearly eight years of higher taxes and a skyrocketing national debt should be enough to show that a so-called ‘progressive’ vision for the nation does little more than lead to weak economic growth and fewer opportunities for all Americans. The tax and spending plans that Hillary Clinton has put forward only continue these failed policies, leading to even more deficits and debt.”

“The dam containing the river of red ink from Washington is crumbling, and it threatens to drown Americans. If America is to prosper in the years ahead, we must reduce tax burdens and simplify the tax code, roll back regulations that are hurting businesses and consumers, and address the drivers of budget deficits. Increasing taxes and continuing to drive up the national debt – as Hillary Clinton wants to do – is simply not an option.”

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